Herr's weird ass corner

Where any remanining dreams and hopes quickly fade into nothingness...

No clue why you're here in the first place. Not like there's anything useful to do or whatever. But if you are actually interested; I suppose I will put some random stuff I create and do on here. Which can be anything from random sound files, earrape, screenshots, videos, anything. As well as a gallery for art and such that I receive and want to either store or show off. I might also put whatever I write on here. So, if that's something that actually interests you, feel free to check whenever you feel like.
This site is still a work in progress. Don't expect anything to work, at all.

Quick update:
Things actually work and look sort of okay now. Yes, I am also very surprised myself, but it's real. It's very, very real and that's ok. That's nice. Very nice, yes.

Shit that's posted on here.

Nunc luctus in metus eget fringilla. Aliquam sed justo ligula. Vestibulum nibh erat, pellentesque ut laoreet vitae.

This random Latin sample text is cool so I am keeping it.

Fortnite dance

Earrape & other ear-piercing sounds

If you wish to destroy your freaking ears for some damn reason. Also, don't come crying to me if they do actually die.

thinking emoji


For whenever something interesting actually does happen in my life and I am willing to share it for some reason.

bird with gun


Because I am a cheap fluffass and need a place to show off my guilty pleasures. 

angry face


Because I believe the shit I think of and create to actually be worth something. Not likes it's any good or whatever.

my feeling each and every day